Why hire Faber as your CPA firm?

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Why hire Faber as your CPA firm?

For 18 years, the Chartered Professional Accountants at Faber have been providing quality, caring work to our clients. Whether they are doctors, lawyers, or other professionals, Faber always has the experience necessary to provide the highest quality service.


Our CPA teams not only have the background to tackle difficult client business accounting needs, but we also adhere to the professional standards outlined by CPA Alberta. This way, business owners stay focused on growing their business.  By saving time and having professional assistance with finances, businesses have the ability to take on their next major venture.

Filing inaccurate returns can lead to punitive government penalties. Having a professional CPA from Faber at your disposal can save business owners from these types of issues. We keep up to date with all tax law changes and updates to give you the best service possible.

We are a full-service CPA Firm with a team of professionals, so we can advise you over time, as your business grows.

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